What Are You Really Saying?

Is your message missing the mark? Is your current approach to attracting and retaining customers falling short? Do you feel like your internal team is out of sync? Gaining a fresh perspective on how your company is positioning its brand can help.

Gain clarity and get a leg up on your competition. Register today for one of our facilitated Positioning Workshops!

It’s easy to get mired in the day-to-day, tactical duties that come with running a business or managing a team. However, losing sight of the big picture can be costly. Incite Creative can help you regain the focus you need to succeed.

Our interactive Positioning Workshop is the first step toward gaining internal consensus by answering the following questions:

If you think you already know the answers to these questions, think again. In today’s competitive marketplace, resting on overused phrases such as “full service” and “quality customer service” as your points of distinction aren’t going to cut through the clutter.

Incite Creative can work with you to build a customized, solid foundation on which your brand can be built. For more information read below or contact facilitators Dina Wasmer or Maria Fuster today.

Choose the Workshop Format Below that Suits Your Need & Budget:

  • 1.5 hour facilitated Workshop includes coffee and an opportunity to network
  • 3-hour facilitated Workshop includes snacks and beverages to keep your brain fueled up
  • Participants include up to 10 executives and entrepreneurs from non-competing companies
  • Participants include up to 10 brand ambassadors from your own company
  • Gain insight from, and share perspectives with other industry professionals
  • Obtain first hand perspectives from your own internal team (executives, sales, HR, admin, IT)
  • Our facilitator will teach you the vital ingredients of a Positioning Statement, and arm you with the tools to implement the framework on your own
  • Our facilitator will focus directly on you and your internal team, extracting the information needed so we can complete the framework for you
  • Participants will be given a “Incite into Marketing” workbook to use as a take-away reference guide
  • We will document responses, analyze results and identify where there is concensus or disconnect
  • Q&A after Workshop completion
  • We will provide a Positioning Statement(s) and recommendations for how to reach your audience
Group workshops are held Fridays at Incite Creative’s studio from 8-9:30am. Space is limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must register in advance using the form provided. Customized workshops are held at a location and time convenient for the Client and their team. To register, please complete the form provided or email Dina Wasmer: dina@incitecreativeinc.com


Beyond a SWOT analysis, our facilitated Positioning Workshops provide a forum for internal voices to be heard and strategic business decisions to be made.


By conducting external interviews on behalf of our clients, we gain vital insight that determines the accuracy of their market positioning and the quality of their brand.


Our detailed Marketing Action Plan clarifies what should be done, who it should target, when it will be completed, and how much should be budgeted for quality implementation.


Our ability to effectively write and design sales and marketing materials generates brand awareness, opens doors to new opportunities, and helps our clients close sales.


As their trusted CMO, our clients obtain a return on their marketing investment because we manage print and technical production with quality and budget in mind.